3M Case Study

3M Case Study

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Our client’s need:

3M, a global science company with great impact all over the world, wanted to launch an Integrated Awareness Video Campaign in facebook. 3M Hellas asked us to adapt its global corporate “3M Science. Applied to life” campaign for the Greek audience and plan a facebook buying strategy.

What we did:

First, we adapted the available videos in Greek, making the appropriate changes to turn them even more social media friendly. Then, we carefully chose our target-audiences together with the optimal time span of the campaign, given the specific budget. By segmenting the audiences based on the different videos they should watch, we optimized our ad campaigns and achieved the best possible view rates in combination to the lowest cost per view. Through continuous optimizations, we managed to achieve impressive results.

The results we achieved:

The campaign managed to reach 92% of the potential audience, by surpassing our video views target by +78% and the reach target by +83%. All the performance statistics were confirmed by the Best Use of KPIs Award we won at the 2016 Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards.

In terms of media:

Video Views


People Engaged


Total Reach




Unique Reach

600K-92% of potential reach

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