Colorful, fun and trendy, chillbox soon became a favorite frozen yogurt brand in the recently emerged Greek frozen yogurt market. Enjoying high awareness and popularity mostly among youngsters, chillbox needed to stay close to its core public and maintain its fun, trendy and youthful character. In addition, chillbox needed to make it through winter and become an all-time, all-year favorite.

winter is coming…at Chillbox


In a gloomy 2014 autumn day we saw… winter coming! A famous line from a popular tv series inspired us to create a winter campaign which spoke straight to youngsters. Winter came at chillbox and brought along new winter treats and chillbox surprises! Our epic youtube ad reached hundreds of thousands young people and brought consumers back in the chillbox stores. The ad was so successful that was remade the following season for our summer campaign. So, what do you do next? How do you nourish your relationship with young people and give it a new, exciting twist? You get in their phone! Our new chillbox mobile app was designed to entertain, offer abundant fun and chillbox goodies right in their smartphones! Chillbox attack, the featured social game, invited people to shoot toppings fast and share their high scores with their friends. Meanwhile, our facebook page and our newly designed web site exudes all the yumminess, color and fun that chillbox is all about. It’s no surprise that chillbox has increased its popularity among youngster, became a leader in the global frozen yogurt market, exporting its fun, playful spirit all over the world.

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