CASE STUDY: Philips puts Santa on a diet!

CASE STUDY: Philips puts Santa on a diet!


Philips creates kitchen appliances that make cooking easier and healthier. What the brand needed was to stir things up and to promote its campaign about healthy homemade food during Christmas! We had to use the platform, social media and a funny and smart way to promote Philips kitchen appliances that make healthy food, easy to prepare!


Christmas is not usually the time of the year when people think about healthy nutritional habits… So how do we make a “healthy eating” competition during Xmas?

We used Santa and his struggle to fit down the chimney!

We created a contest titled Make Santa Healthy and promoted it with a sweet and funny video featuring a Santa that needs to lose a few pounds if he wants to make it down the chimneys. The contest was hosted in and participants were asked to make a healthy menu for Santa and to choose one recipe from each Philips appliance that was presented (and therefore learn more about them)! Finally, they could choose which Philips appliance the wanted to win so that they can make their homemade food healthy as well!


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