Command™ Insta Battles

Command™ Insta Battles

Our client, 3Μ, needed a six-month (July through December 2019) digital communication campaign, to promote its Command™ Products. The request was to raise awareness among consumers who’ve heard of them, but also among those familiar with the products and whose loyalty needed to be boosted.

Our task was to engage the target audience and communicate Command™ ’s unique selling point, that is, damage-free hanging, in an interesting and meaningful way. We reached out to social media influencers who are into DYI, decoration, and craft, to share their decorating moments with our products in their personal Instagram accounts. Twelve Ιnfluencers were selected to share videos, posts and stories of decorating walls in their house, easily and amusingly, using Command™ hanging strips.


To make the campaign extra spicy and edgy, we decided to turn these influencers against each other! This is how the “Command™ Insta Battles” came into life; every month, from July to December 2019, two selected Instagrammers are redecorating a wall in their house and compete with each other out for the audience’s preference.

Using a different theme every month (such as “summer”, “vintage”, “travel stories” etc.), Ιnfluencers post a pic of the wall they decorated, announcing the “Command Insta Βattle” they’re on and their “competitor”, calling their followers to vote for the best. Through Instagram stories, followers get a glimpse of the decorating process and of the creative ways Command™ Products are used in it. To vote, they are redirected to a landing page where they instantly enter a lucky draw to win Command™ products.

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