Der Die Das – German Game of Articles

Der Die Das – German Game of Articles

Learn and memorize the German articles while having fun!
“Der Die Das – Game of Articles” by Learn Gamers is a German memory game for ages 3-100!

“Der Die Das” is a tile-matching game for children of all ages. It helps kids memorize the German articles and learn new German words while doing what they love most, playing!

We all know how difficult “der die das” article learning is. A lot of German noun articles don’t fall under a Grammar rule and you need to learn them by heart. Memorizing and training in German Articles is now easier through this German Game of Articles. It uses memory tricks such as color coding and special sound effects, players learn the articles effortlessly in an entertaining way.

54 thematic worlds, 810 nouns, 324 game stages are literally at your fingertips!

The app is designed to help kids of all ages (from 3 to 113!) learn and memorize the German articles, while playing a fun game, with clever memo techniques.
With the use of colorful animations, funny sound effects, and user-friendly design, this new educational app combines gaming with powerful learning techniques.


  • 54 thematic worlds with colorful animations, cheerful level design and funny sound effects.
  • 4 stages to learn 15 different German nouns in each world
  • 1 optional pre-game German vocabulary and articles training test
  • One der article learning level
  • 1 die article learning level
  • A das article learning level
  • 1 der-die-das Mix article learning level
  • One revision test to check your knowledge and vocabulary progress.
  • 324 levels, 54 thematic worlds full of the most common and useful German words to learn!
  • A leaderboard that tracks your article learning progress and keeps your learning motivation HIGH!
  • Every level is designed to help you memorize der die das making German articles training fun and playful.

“Der Die Das – Game of Articles” is a product of Learn Gamers.
We are parents with kids that love gaming but are not all that enthusiastic about old fashioned learning.  Kids that struggle with the German language and the difficulty of memorizing the German articles.

We are also a great team that came together from different fields to find ways of making learning fun for kids. Game developers, communication experts, UX/UI enthusiasts, and German teachers came together to “rebrand” learning into a fun educational experience.

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