As 2019 is closing in… our amazing team has brought home not 1, not 2, not 3… but 13 New Awards! What better way to kiss-off an exciting year! Right before the end of 2019, the Influencers Marketing Awards 2019 lavishly awarded four (4) of our clients’ campaigns and rewarded our hard work. A relatively new, but “hot” marketing tool: influencer marketing, can give an exciting creative twist and boost any digital campaign. And from what it seems… we know how to use it effectively!

Let’s take a closer look… The chillbox login campaign (run between June and August 2019) was designed to make the frozen-yogurt brand chillbox even more appealing to younger audiences and especially gamers. In fact, local well-known gamers were invited to login to a specially designed platform, enter their secret code, found on each chillbox box and instantly win SONY® PlayStation gifts! Gamers – YouTubers were recruited to spread our campaign to the targeted audiences. TechItSerious, Gramers and Unboxholics, all specializing in gaming, promoted our campaign to their respective channels and they did a truly fantastic job!

One of our most historic clients, the lingerie brand “TRIUMPH” decided to entrust us with the localization of its international campaign “Together We Triumph” and we managed to do much more than that! We created a special song, “Triumph” dedicated to women’s empowerment! The Triumph Song campaign (run from November 2018 till end of February 2019) was designed to enhance brand equity by building on the strong empowerment motto “Together We Triumph”. To assist us in deploying this amazing idea, we asked our famous pop-singer Eleni Foureira to perform the song “Triumph” as a tribute to female unity and empowerment, as we strongly believe that nothing can unite people more than music! And we were right! People were asked to enter our specially created platform “” and dedicate the new song to a woman they admire and find most inspiring and they entered a lucky-draw contest to win Triumph underwear, as well as a very special prize, to participate in the music video clip of the “Triumph” song! The song was launched at an Exclusive Triumph Concert, where Eleni Foureira performed LIVE the “Triumph” song for the first time and showed the new music video to her fans. Eleni Foureira was the main influencer for this phygital campaign who successfully managed to get the Triumph message of women’s empowerment across digital and print media and of course through all social-media channels.

Based on the FOMO effect (fear-of-missing-out), we designed and launched an intriguing campaign the “dodoni limited edition” for our client, the delicious dodoni ice-creams. The campaign was aired in June and lasted till August 2019 and was designed to entice target-audiences and promote the fact that dodoni produced two new, rather unusual ice-cream flavors “Yuzu Mango Yogurt” and “Tahini Superfood”. The idea was to launch them as limited-edition flavors and instead of just inviting people to taste them, we “warned” them that they won’t have the chance to try one or both hand-made fresh ice-cream flavors as they are quickly disappearing! Using two famous actresses, Maria Solomou and Maria Konstandaki, the campaign used a social media, a mini-site, radio mentions and additional influencers, who challenged, teased and invited their influencers’ friends, via their own social-media pages, to find out which is their favorite taste after managing to find and taste both. Dimitris Ouggarezos, Ilenia Williams and Jenny Melita completed this amazing triggering “mission” and helped us promote the brand’s main USPs to a wider audience.

Last but not least, comes the “Where are my PAL cookware?” campaign (run from December 2018 till end of February 2019). The campaign, was designed to increase brand awareness for PAL kitchen cookware, because although the brand exists since 1947, a lot of people who do own PAL cookware are not aware they do! Thus, we decided to tell a PAL story, using as our main influencer the famous actress and presenter, Doretta Papadimitriou. This woman-hero was depicted in 3 different videos living an awkward moment of realization that her PAL cookware are lost and she is searching to get them back from friends who she accuses that have kept them and never returned them when she last invited them or visited them to a home-made meal… To assist her quest, we invited audiences to participate, by visiting a mini-site and declaring by registering that the PAL cookware they own are officially THEIRS and not be tracked down by the furious Doretta who was seeking them everywhere! The campaign unfolded as she continues her quest to retrieve her cookware and shows Doretta “stalking” her best-friends, as the famous chef Gogo Delogianni, amongst others, who reveal these bizarre incidents of Doretta’s calls and messages, to their own social media followers, adding to our campaign’s reach and engagement. Food vloggers, such as Paxxi and Cool Artisan, stopped while broadcasting their YouTube videos, answering the “intimidating” Doretta phone-calls and through this brilliant process, we managed to spread even further our message and reach our clients’ audiences, reminding them of their bellowed PAL cookware.

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