Philips Home Fashion

Philips Home Fashion

The request

Our client Philips wished to promote its Perfect Care Elite Plus ironing system through social media activations. The activations were requested to involve collaborations with influencers in order to create buzz and word of mouth.

The challenge

During the lockdown, a new reality has emerged; extreme home living. We spend more time at home, we work from home, shop from home, workout from home… Our home has become more central in our lives than ever and we tend to look more closely at our house and take better care of it, including its equipment. In addition, we now pay extra attention to washing, cleaning and sanitizing, especially when it comes to clothes and face-masks. The timing seemed perfect for our ironing system to say hello to the world and get people’s attention.

The insight

The new home living reality naturally sets the background of our activation, as described above. However, during this time at home, we also need to take care of ourselves, refresh our look and adjust it into this new reality. At the same time, the TV and digital landscape has been celebrating fashion like never before, through shows like GNTM, My Style Rocks, Shopping Star, etc.

The campaign

We came up with a unique fashion proposal, encouraging consumers to perceive this new home living reality more optimistically and make it more pleasant. We created a disruptive fashion contest with one of the most disruptive and talked-about persons in fashion; Genevieve Majari!

We created 3 videos in which Genevieve gives home styling tips for all of us stranded indoors; The “new pj look”, the “it’s all cotton and wool to me” and the “satin with a bling”, three different looks for three different parts of the day. In the videos Genevieve gives awesome styling ideas and describes the features of our ironing system, necessary for any look.

The videos ran out of a facebook app. By choosing a style, consumers entered the draw to win the extreme Perfect Care Elite Plus ironing system. Our core influencer promoted the contest and videos in her social media. The activation was further amplified by the use of micro-influencers; they uploaded Instagram videos of them catwalking inside their home with an outfit/style of their choice.

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