The request

Christmas is a heavy cooking period. Our client, 3M, needed a Christmas campaign that would urge consumers to look for Scoth-Brite™ Products, before they kicked-off any X-mas cooking/cleaning activities.

The insight

How do you talk about washing & scrubbing, without spoiling the Christmas spirit? How can you pair cleaning & mopping with Jingle Bells and Holly Night…? By making washing & cleaning part of the Xmas spirit! And this is how… You tell a cleaning story about Santa and ask consumers to participate in a Xmas Quiz!

The campaign

Santa’s workshop is a mess! The elves prepared Christmas dinner and left the place dirty and messy, full of food stains and piles of dirty dishes! Poor Santa… Who’s out to help him? The campaign we created tells Santa’s “dirty” Christmas story and asks consumers to find out if they are fit to help him! How? By taking the Master of Cleaning Quiz and discovering their Cleaning type! Do you know how you can remove the turkey stuffing from the pot, or what’s the best way to clean the cookies’ pan? By taking the Scotch-Brite™ Master Of Cleaning Quiz consumers can discover their cleaning type, based on how many questions they got right. The questions reveal whether someone is the “It can wait ‘till Monday” type or the “I want everything sparkling clean” type… but whichever your type might be, by answering the questions, you will discover the different Scotch-Brite™ Products in a fun way, and learn more about their amazing benefits. Plus, at the end, you can enter a lucky-draw contest, to win the cleaning products that will make your Christmas so… Brite!

The campaign was launched in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Italy with CTA gif posts inviting people to take the quiz by simply logging onto a special Facebook app created for this campaign.

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