Sprechen… Mobile Excellence Awards!

Sprechen… Mobile Excellence Awards!

Our memory game app «Der Die Das – Game of Articles» made quite an entrance at the Mobile Excellence Awards 2019. Because it scooped a Gold Award in the Design/Aesthetics category. And a Bronze Award in the Learning/Education Services category! Evidently, not only is it beautiful, but it also has brains!

In short, the award-winning app helps children of all ages (3-100) learn German articles through gaming. The app is using colorful animations, funny sound effects, and user-friendly design, and it makes memorizing and learning, fun and effortless. Therefore by playing the game, German language students learn 810 different words and their articles through 54 thematic worlds. Animals, transportation, sports, holiday, food, school, technology, and 47 more amazing worlds are waiting to be explored. One can play again and again without getting bored!

JNLeoussis’ Learn Gamers department, a team of game developers, communication experts, UX/UI enthusiasts, and German teachers, is behind the multi-award game app. The team came together to “rebrand” learning into a fun educational experience and make German learning effortless for kids.

Find out how your kids can master Der Die Das with our Game of Articles app. Stay with us for more German learning games from our winning team.

Also, watch here the ceremony of Mobile Excellence Awards

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