360 campaign

The mood, the colors, the trends celebrated in NEF-NEF Homeware’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, inspired us to create the new NEF-NEF TV campaign. The laid-back feeling, the glorious Greek summer and the Mediterranean flair star in the films that sweetly showcase the ultra summery new collection. Loyal to the iconic style we have established for the […]

The request The Covid-19 outbreak has made e-banking a necessity, as going to the bank is no longer the safest option. National Bank of Greece, the bank senior citizens traditionally bank with, has the responsibility to make e-banking accessible, easy and appealing, so that senior citizens are not only facilitated, but also protected. The challenge […]

The request  Once Covid-19 pandemic hit Greece, the #stayhome national campaign quickly launched in all media across the country, in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. National Bank of Greece, in full alignment with the guidelines of the authorities, needed a TV campaign to encourage its customers to use its digital and mobile services in order to stop flocking to its br

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