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With focus on strategy and a holistic communication approach, we design and implement digital innovative experiences that change brands and businesses. We love making brands more interesting online.


Special Award
Inovation  Award
MGM Award
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Special Award
Inovation Award
MGM Award

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Leoussis a_ is an innovative digital agency that was founded in 2012. Since then it has been crafting creative ideas and turning them into award-winning results for our clients.

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“ It’s all about people! In between you will find accuracy, communication, ideas and everything you need!"

Anastasia Nikolaidou 3M Shopper Marketer CHC & CHIMD (Greece & Cyprus)

This is Leoussis
a_a_ creativecreative team.

We are a true mosaic of quirky, curious & passionate professionals. We come from different disciplines, different countries, different perspectives. We give it our best and we have lots of fun in the process.

The Creation of Adam on No Signal TV backgound. Vaporwave style

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Soon to be

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