CASE STUDY: Coca-Cola 3E Christmas

CASE STUDY: Coca-Cola 3E Christmas

The Request

Coca Cola needed an impressive installation and activation to celebrate Christmas in major Greek super markets.

The Challenge

The venue to fill with Christmas magic, was the supermarket Sklavenitis in Alimos. Supermarkets are spaces with intense and huge variety of colors and POS materials, making it extra hard for any installation/activation to stand out from the clutter. In addition, supermarkets, especially in Greece, offer brands limited space. So, we needed to create greatness in tiny square meters…

The Insight

Last year, we didn’t enjoy the Christmas spirit due to the restrictions of the pandemic. This year, Christmas needed to come back… with a vengeance! That is, with more togetherness and more magic than ever. We needed a meaningful story of togetherness, of people joining in a celebration, with a Greek feel.

The Idea

The Greek myth of Christmas is what we were looking for. It revolves around a different kind of tree, the tree of the world that keeps the world standing. Little goblin-like creatures, the Kallikantzaroi try to cut it down with their axes. But during Christmas they visit our world and come out to tease us. The tree of the world has time to heal before they return and start cutting it all over again!

This year, to stop the goblins from doing their usual mischiefs in our world, we invite them to celebrate Christmas with us! We woo them with food and drinks (namely, 3E products) and we experience #truemagic together, in One Celebration, All Together.

The Activation

One Celebration, All Together unfolded in the Sklavenitis supermarket, making shoppers stop, smile, engage, connect, get inspired and… win!

1.The Tree

An impressive 3D Tree welcomed shoppers to the store and to the parallel universe of Kallikantzaroi. Our Kallikantzaroi were not involved in mischief, they were indulging in Coca-Cola! People could stand around them and take their special Christmas pictures.

2.Magic Book

A spectacular book-like construction in the store’s main lobby, was open for the consumers, featuring a magical video of the Kallikantzaroi, a QR code that gave access to traditional Greek recipes and a contest to win trips to the most magical winter destinations in Greece.

3. Kallikantzaroi stops

3 product stands, one for Coca-Cola, one for Spirits & Schweppes and one for Amita, awaited shoppers as their Christmas journey went on. Starring our adorable Kallikantzaroi, every stand featured extra magic and fun with Augmented Reality, cocktail recipes, breakfast ideas and more contest entry opportunities, allowing customers to shop their favorite 3E products.

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