Case Study: Elpedison Summer Activation Campaign

Case Study: Elpedison Summer Activation Campaign


Elpedison, a prominent energy provider in Greece, recognized the unique challenge faced by consumers during the scorching summer months. With cooling systems running constantly, the cost of electricity can quickly escalate. To address this issue and engage with their audience, Elpedison

 launched a creative Summer Activation Campaign on social media. The campaign encouraged participants to share alternative and humorous ideas for staying cool while highlighting Elpedison’s cost-effective energy solutions. 

Campaign Objectives

  1. Raise awareness of Elpedison as a reliable and cost-effective energy provider during the hot summer season. 
  2. Engage with the audience by encouraging them to share inventive and funny ways to save on cooling costs. 
  3. Enhance brand recognition and loyalty through interactive social media content. 

Campaign Strategy

Elpedison’s strategy aimed to leverage social media’s interactive nature to foster engagement and promote its cost-effective energy solutions. The focus was on creativity, humor, and community involvement. 


Humorous Video:
Elpedison created a humorous video that showcased a variety of quirky, inexpensive, and impractical products for staying cool during the summer. These ranged from absurd contraptions to hilarious DIY solutions. The video humorously concluded that the best and most cost-effective way to stay cool was through Elpedison electricity.

Creative Posts: Elpedison released a series of highly creative and engaging social media posts throughout the campaign. These posts featured witty visuals and playful messaging, reinforcing the campaign’s humorous and cost-saving theme. 


Social Media Contest:
campaign encouraged social media users to participate by sharing their unique, alternative cooling ideas in the comments section of the video. Participants were asked to like, tag friends, and engage in lively discussions about saving money during the summer.

Key Messages and Results

  • Elpedison positioned itself as the ideal energy provider for cost-conscious consumers during the hot summer months. 
  • The campaign encouraged creativity, humor, and community interaction, resonating with the audience. 
  • The video achieved a high completion rate and garnered over 4,000 comments, showcasing strong engagement. 


  • The campaign successfully reinforced Elpedison’s brand identity as a provider of affordable energy solutions. 
  • Participants actively engaged in discussions about creative ways to save money on cooling, creating a sense of community. 
  • The humorous video and creative posts left a memorable impression on the audience. 


The Elpedison Summer Activation Campaign effectively addressed the financial challenges of cooling during Greece’s scorching summer months. By harnessing humor, creativity, and community engagement on social media, Elpedison showcased itself as the preferred choice for cost-effective energy solutions

The humorous video and engaging posts resonated with the audience, resulting in a high completion rate and over 4,000 comments, indicative of strong engagement. Elpedison’s innovative approach successfully strengthened its brand identity and fostered a deeper connection with its customers. 

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