Frulite ksezoumiseto #3 missions continued

Frulite ksezoumiseto #3 missions continued

The request

Enhance the ksezoumise_to campaign with new design elements and new interactive missions for consumers! 

The insight

The core target group of 18-24 follows, admires and interacts with youtubers! Let’s use them in our Frulite missions! 

The campaign

One inspiring youtube ad inviting people to the missions that will follow with major influencers.

3 missions

  •  Squeeze exams: A famous youtuber Seniora Ellis asked people for ideas that will make summer reading more fun! People offered their ideas and she awarded one of them with Frulite and other gifts! 
  • Squeeze surprise: Send a fun young band to play live for a friend of your that is missing holidays and is waiting for the bus. A song was specially written for the winner’s friend referring to the island they went to for summer and making him smile while waiting for the bass. The band appeared suddenly in front of him and surprised him! 
  • Squeeze the city: Influencers Atzarakis and Korre presented their favorite places in Athens and people were invited to add their pins on the map of ksezoumise_to as well!
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