Frulite: How to send a brand to the stars!

Frulite: How to send a brand to the stars!

Insight :

Young people love all messaging platforms! We need to create a new messaging possibility through Frulite’s mobile app that will further enforce the disruptive character of the brand.
So where can we as people to post messages…?

The idea :

Let’s ask people to send messages through the stars!

We designed a mobile application with a real map of space where people could leave messages among the real stars for their friends to find!
We promoted the app with a Call to action video on youtube, facebook and other media and offered presents to downloaders for extra motivation!
And for a final touch we send the most posted star-written message with a Frulite into space! The take off was documented and a go pro traveled with the Frulite out of the stratosphere to record the launch of the 1rst Greek juice in space!

The results :

  • 299,473 views Youtube Pre Roll
  • 551.056 impressions Video Campaign
  • 276.281 views Facebook Video
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