Frulite: How to send a brand to the stars!

Frulite: How to send a brand to the stars!


Young people love all messaging platforms! We need to create a new messaging possibility through Frulite’s mobile app that will further enforce the disruptive character of the brand.
So where can we as people to post messages…?


Let’s ask people to send messages through the stars!

We designed a mobile application with a real map of space where people could leave messages among the real stars for their friends to find!
We promoted the app with a Call to action video on youtube, facebook and other media and offered presents to downloaders for extra motivation!
And for a final touch we send the most posted star-written message with a Frulite into space! The take off was documented and a go pro traveled with the Frulite out of the stratosphere to record the launch of the 1rst Greek juice in space!


  • 299,473 viewsYoutube Pre Roll
  • 551.056 impressionsVideo Campaign
  • 276.281 viewsFacebook Video
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