CASE STUDY: Oscar – Who gets the Oscar?

CASE STUDY: Oscar – Who gets the Oscar?


Oscar praline cream is a uniquely yummy praline product, as it has no sugar, but sweeteners form stevia plant instead. It needed to create its own identity and find a brand name, as “Oscar” is the name of the mother company. But people already loved it, bought it and recognized it! So… how do you rebrand and introduce a NAME in a slick and meaningful way without alienating and driving away consumers?


You make consumers part of the rebranding, you make THEM pick the name!
We launched a campaign playing with the company’s name “Oscar” and aired it right before the actual Oscars. Two famous Greek actors claimed the “Oscar” through a series of name giving debates. First we “teased”, then we indulged people and finally we asked them to vote! We used more than 20 videos, GIFS and stories especially made for every social channel and published native content in print media.

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  • 2.952.688 Total Reach
  • 6.843.793 Total Impressions
  • 1.561.190 Total Video Views
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