Kri Kri straggisto & agapimeno 

Kri Kri straggisto & agapimeno 

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Kri Kri, a renowned dairy company, features a wide range of yogurt products sold in supermarkets and kiosks. Seeking to revamp its strained yogurt line, “straggisto & agapimeno”, and launch a compelling communication campaign, Kri Kri sought to highlight the line’s USP; made of 100% Greek fresh milk, collected the very same day. 

The campaign, unfolding on television and social media, featured 4 short films under a single format, each communicating a specific characteristic.  

Campaign Objectives

  1. Revamp the branding and proposition of Kri Kri’s strained yogurt line. 
  2. Produce it quickly and on a low budget, using post-production. 
  3. Promote “straggisto & agapimeno”’s USP, that is, its freshness. 
  4. Launch a compelling communication campaign across TV and social media platforms. 
  5. Maximize reach and engagement with a short film format. 

Campaign Strategy

Straggisto & agapimeno”’s strategy reflects a holistic rebranding effort, showcasing the line’s unique freshness and authenticity. The campaign aimed to tell a compelling story using humor and the element of surprise, engaging the audience with its strong stopping power. 


How can we communicate all the USPs of strained yogurt with a form that has humor, is easily renewed, can be quickly and easily produced and clearly shows freshness and authenticity as the key USP? We asked ourselves the same question and guess who answered… 

The cow! Introducing the cow, as our campaign’s star, who is eager to answer different people’s requests and deliver them straight away the yogurt they fancy. 4 different characters, 4 different demands, 4 different films, in which the cow, naturally, undertakes the task to deliver the freshest, most authentic strained yogurt there is, by pledging: “I got it”!  

Masterfully combining footage with 3D and graphics, the films beautifully supported the case of Kri Kri’sstraggisto & agapimeno” in a modern and unexpected way. 

Key Messages and Results

  • Kri Kri’s strained yogurt range achieved a distinct and memorable brand identity. 
  • The campaign communicated the brand’s USP. 
  • The short film format contributed to high GRPs and strong audience engagement. 


Kri Kri’sstraggisto & agapimeno” campaign successfully repositioned and refreshed its strained yogurt range, emphasizing its unique freshness and authenticity. Through 4 cheeky and captivating films, the brand stood out from the competition and connected with audiences, mainly, on a humoristic level. 

The tagline “I got it” pronounced by the cow, served as a strong reminder of the pureness and freshness of the product and brought out the brand’s unique identity. 

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