NBG corporate tvc

NBG corporate tvc


National Bank of Greece, after airing a series of product TVCs, needed to highlight and awaken the emotional connection it keeps with the Greek audience through the creation of a corporate communication. 

Campaign Objectives

  1. Promote NBG as an all-time favorite Greek bank. 
  2. Reinforce the emotional connection it holds with the Greek audience. 
  3. Clearly state its prominence and magnitude. 
  1. Appear traditional and modern at the same time. 
  2. Low-budget and making good-use of its own assets. 

Campaign Strategy

A reminder. A TVC serving as a clear reminder of everything NBG stands for, of all the values and symbolisms it encapsulates, while showcasing the bank as a protagonist in people’s everyday life. 


The film makes a sharp contrast between people and numbers and makes the case that it’s the people who are the driving force behind everything NBG does. 

Serving the low-budget objective, the film was created entirely of ready-made footage and post-production effects, creating a fresh outcome that reflected 100% the bank’s heart and identity. 

Key Messages and Results

  • Highlighting NBG’s familiar face. 
  • Promoting the bank’s values and objectives. 
  • Awaking the emotional connection it holds with every Greek. 


The campaign repositioned and reminded of NBG’s key role in society and economy, focusing on its anthropocentric character. Stirring up feelings and emotions, 

the campaign re-established and reenforced the emotional connections the Greek public keeps with the Bank. 

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