NBG Annual Event 2019

NBG Annual Event 2019

Our amazing team is glowing with pride after the 2019 NBG Annual Event! We conceived and executed the creative concept. Designed the branding and set and produced all 13 videos including infographics, 3D animations, and shootings all over Greece.

Bigger in size and importance than the previous years, this year’s event gave us the opportunity to tackle new challenges. Our goal was to capture the bank’s new turning point approach and present it in a fun and meaningful way. Breaking away from typical NBG Annual Event tradition, we succeeded in building a more colorful, vibrant and cheerful character for this year’s event, underlining the new profile the bank is set out for.

Certainly, the greatest challenge turned up in our video productions. For the first time, we set up a production unit right on the spot and produced 2 videos during the event! The team did all shootings, interviews, post-production, and editing on the spot, almost in real-time! Indeed it was a highly demanding task entailing extreme acuteness, coordination and readiness from our team who was enjoying every part of it and took pride in the final result!

See you at your next corporate event!

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