LE MONDE Bootcamp

LE MONDE Bootcamp

The request

Our client LE MONDE, a leading institute for Chefs and Tourism & Hotel Management, wanted to attract new students for the upcoming academic year. The critical time for prospective students to make up their minds on their next academic step, is right after graduating from school and before summer vacation. Some decide to go ahead and follow their passion, whereas others are more reluctant. This was the time to fire up their passion and give them a good reason to choose LE MONDE. And this is how the “LE MONDE Bootcamp” idea was born! A 3-day free training event where young people from 17 to 25 years old could practice their passion and cook alongside our distinguished professionals. Like a free trial to a real chef and pastry chef student’s life!

The campaign

We designed the LE MONDE Bootcamp event to run out of a mini-site, where applicants could fill in a form and answer a series of questions so the Academic Team can proceed to the assession and final choosing.

In total, 3 Bootcamp events were set up, taking place in LE MONDE’s ultra-modern facilities in Moscato, Attica.

1st LE MONDE Bootcamp

The first Bootcamp was held from the 9th to 11th of July and was oriented towards chefs and pastry chefs to-be. The lucky participants had the chance to live 3 days at the Institute, learning and working in real-life circumstances. They had the opportunity to meet and get training by the best chefs and pastry chefs in Greece, attend lectures and participate in cooking practices and seminars.

2nd LE MONDE Bootcamp

The 1st Bootcamp event far exceeded our expectations, with applicants reaching surprising high. So, a 2nd Bootcamp – the September edition was held from the 10th to the 12th of September. For all the aspiring chefs and pastry chefs that didn’t have the chance to attend the first one.

3rd LE MONDE Bootcamp

Of course, we couldn’t have left out those whose passion was to excel in Hotel and Tourism Management… The 3rd Bootcamp event launched on the 17th of September. Offering a short but exciting preview of what’s like to be a real student in Tourism at the Institute. Once again the kids attended classes and got mentoring and training by the very best in the field.


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