The Nexcare ™ Kit App

The Nexcare ™ Kit App

The request

Our client 3M needed to build brand awareness in the local market for its Nexcare ™ Products. And communicate their high-quality, product variety, characteristics, usage, durability, to people who pursue active lifestyles.


The insight

A collection of Nexcare ™ Products should be in every household, every car, every suitcase, and every school bag! Instead of promoting a single Nexcare™ Product, we decided to group them in clusters. Then let the consumer discover which they need to use based on their hobbies and consumer types. And finally, enjoy the overall positive impact the Nexcare™ Products have on peoples’ lives.

The campaign

We created a Nexcare ™ kit for every occasion! By selecting different Products and grouping them together, we created a Student’s kit, the Athlete’s kit, a Travelers’ kit, and the Influencer’s kit. People can pick the kit that suits best their needs, hobbies, and/or interests, and get a chance to win it as a gift! Alternatively, they can create their own personalized kit, by selecting the Nexcare™ Products one by one. Either way, our target-audiences can discover all the different Nexcare™ Products during this process and find out what they can do, in a fun and humorous way…! For instance, a Nexcare™ Cold Spray is an absolute must for an influencer who gets regular muscular injuries from constantly trying to take the right selfie! etc.

Above all, the activation is running through a special Facebook “app” featuring all the thematic Nexcare™ kits. And serving as an engaging communication platform. Using CTA videos and promotional posts on Facebook and Instagram, people can now discover the Nexcare™ Products and win these amazing kits by participating.

In this case, which kit best suits your lifestyle? Find out at the Nexcare™ Kit App and discover an amazing range of useful, everyday products designed for active people!

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