Tech Top5 (for a better life) by Kotsovolos

Tech Top5 (for a better life) by Kotsovolos

The Request

Our client Kotsovolos wished to create a new YouTube show to promote tech innovations and new high-tech product releases. The main goal was to educate their audience in new technologies, but not in a “strict” educational way; the show needed to be fun and entertaining, talking straight to “the heart” of consumers and making difficult to get, high-tech functions, seem simple and easy.

The insight

It’s all about serving! How to serve tech information and spice it up a little? We had to go beyond a simple “demo” video and look for a familiar and popular model that could instantly and easily transform technical info into interesting, fun content. And then it hit us; Create lists! A numbered list is something that instantly rates and assesses things and is a familiar, fast-to consume and snackable way of passing information.

The idea

We created snappy and up-to-the-minute videos in the form of a Top5 list, that are very popular in the YouTube community. In each video, 5 relevant new devices are presented and demonstrated. The well-known TV presenter and tech lover, George Lentzas, was the ideal presenter for our videos; he took over the show by presenting the products with his unique sense of humor, style and fresh point of view.

The YouTube show-Tech Top5

In each video of the YouTube show “Tech Top5, for a better life by Kotsovolos” our host, George Lentzas, presents his 5 favorite devices for a specific need. For example: Tech Top 5 devices for pets, Tech Top 5 devices for a healthier lifestyle etc. George Lentzas, along with Kotsovolos experts and special guests, discusses the new tech trends, presents new gadgets, makes live demonstrations, always in his cool and funny laid back style. The audience is entertained and informed about the latest tech news that will make their life easier.

The show was launched in Kotsovolos’ YouTube channel in September of 2021. Watch the episodes here and find out how George Letnzas’ 5 favorite gadgets save his day.

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