Craft Your Story

Craft Your Story

The request

Craft Beer, the first Greek microbrewery established in 1997, revolutionized the market and introduced the first fresh beer back in 1997. Today, the brand needed to re-introduce itself and tell its unique, unknown story to a younger audience.

The insight

Craft is not just a beer, it is a story of creativity and success, a story of one man making his dream come true, a story that inspires others to express their creativity.

The idea

Tell the story! Tell our very own, untold stories of creativity and then, inspire people to share their own. The “Craft your story” campaign is a call to all creators like us, to show their work, and join our club of creativity in every way they like; art, music, dance, film, you name it! Unleashing the power of creativity, we come close to young creators and create a digital “creative” outbreak across all social media.

The campaign

We created 4 youtube videos that told the story of Craft in an ultra fun and interesting way; a long video telling the whole story and 3 shorter ones, highlighting different, interesting facts and aspects of our story. Once our story was told, we then called out all micro-creators to do the same. Two influencers were recruited to spread the word and invite people to participate in our activation; photographer Fanis Pavlopoulos (@fanellas) and illustrator Maria Pagkalou (@littlemissgrumpy) called out artists and ordinary people with an artistic and creative spark to upload pictures of their work and tell their story of creation. If they are selected, they get featured in our hub and social media channels and win Craft beers for unlimited creativity!

Watch our inspiring videos to discover the amazing story of Craft beer and have a look in the hub to check out the latest creative work.

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