That Fridays™ Feeling-Campaign

That Fridays™ Feeling-Campaign

The Request

TGI Fridays™ sought a fresh approach through social media and content to engage more effectively with their diverse audience and become their top-of-mind choice as a cool and must-visit destination for young adults. 

The goal was to position TGI Fridays™ as a place where they could hang out with friends daily, have fun, unwind from daily life, and be themselves. 

The Challenge

TGI Fridays™ had a loyal customer base spanning all age groups, but they wanted to specifically target the 18-25 age group. This demographic often associated TGI Fridays™ with family outings from their childhood.

The challenge was to rebrand and reposition TGI Fridays™ as a hip and contemporary hangout spot for young adults. 

The Insight

Recognizing that TGI Fridays™ had a unique atmosphere of fun, freedom, and carefree enjoyment, we decided to showcase this genuine feeling through a digital campaign. 

We aimed to connect with the Gen Z audience by adopting a more authentic and human approach, emphasizing the social aspect of the TGI Fridays™ experience. 

The Creative Ideas

To create awareness among the 18-25 age group, we developed a digital campaign that humorously and freshly portrayed real stories and moments that take place at TGI Fridays™. Our objective was to highlight the true essence of fun, freedom, and carefree enjoyment that thrives within groups visiting the establishments. 

We shifted the focus from merely showcasing products (food and drinks) to placing young adults and their groups at the center of our campaign. We embraced a more handmade content style, featuring spontaneous and realistic visuals, making the human element the star. Through videos and social media content, we aimed to shed light on the genuine feeling of lightheartedness and enjoyment – the “Fridays™ feeling.” 

The Execution

We created three videos, each featuring a different protagonist with their own unique story, but always relatable to our target audience. Simultaneously, we crafted content for Facebook and Instagram, following the same logic and incorporating clever copywriting and internet trends. 

To maximize viewership and reach, we leaned into producing funny animated posts and videos for Instagram reels and TikTok, aligning with TikTok trends. We also refreshed the look of our posts, introducing a unified and trendy branded aesthetic to make our content recognizable and cool. 


The “That Fridays Feeling” campaign successfully introduced a fresh perspective on the real feeling and fun inside TGI Fridays™ establishments. It utilized a mix of videos, social media content, animated posts, and trendy formats on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to reach and engage the target audience effectively. 

The campaign breathed new life into the TGI Fridays™ brand, making it a go-to destination for young adults looking for a good time with friends. 

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