“The first choice” – Juro-Pro Dehumidifiers

“The first choice” – Juro-Pro Dehumidifiers


Juro-Pro Dehumidifiers are considered the best in the market, demonstrating a high awareness, but have also been associated with higher prices. The company needed to bust this “urban legend” since its higher prices had to do with larger size/capacity, by communicating its new, smaller sizes, at better prices.  

In a highly competitive market, Juro-Pro sought to break through the noise and highlight the unique benefits of their products, including and introducing the new, value-for-money price.  

Campaign Objectives

  1. Enhance brand recognition and differentiation within a crowded dehumidifier market.  
  2. Showcase the exceptional USPs of Juro-Pro Dehumidifiers.  
  1. Bust the common belief about Juro-Pro’s higher prices. 
  2. Introduce the new, smaller capacity line. 

Campaign Strategy

To highlight Juro-Pro’s new affordable prices and at the same time promote the qualitative characteristics of the dehumidifiers, we created a TVC listing all the usual features at first, and at the end, the unusual; the price! 

At the end of the day the viewer took home the fact that the state-of-the-art Juro-Pro dehumidifiers, were also very affordable. 


The film takes us inside a home, where the main character, a woman, answers questions regarding her dehumidifier, posed by the speaker. 

The dialogue, in Q&A form, briefly covers all the characteristics of the device, while making a clear point of the new good price. Using a Greek idiom “exei-den exei” in a smart way, the point is made clearly and savvily.   

Key Messages and Results

  • Juro-Pro’s brand awareness was boosted.  
  • Juro-Pro dehumidifiers sales increased.  
  • The big, good news regarding the prices got across. 


  • Playing in a highly competitive market where everybody cried for attention required a creative and logically resonant approach to stand out.  
  • Changing an established belief. 
  • Effectively communicating the unique features and benefits of Juro-Pro Dehumidifiers posed a creative challenge.  


The campaign for Juro-Pro Dehumidifiers successfully positioned the brand as a leader in the dehumidifier market. Making use of a relatable character and of a simple, 

yet powerful Q&A form, the campaign conveyed the message that Juro-Pro’s advanced dehumidifiers are “the first choice” for any home. 

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