TRIUMPH – Flex Smart

TRIUMPH – Flex Smart


Triumph, a leading lingerie brand, launched an impactful marketing campaign to introduce their innovative strapless bra to the Greek market. The bra seamlessly transitioned from intimate wear to fashionable outerwear, challenging conventional lingerie norms. 

Renowned influencer and TV personality, Doukissa Nomikou, was a key collaborator in this campaign, amplifying its reach and appeal. 

Campaign Objectives

  • Promote Triumph’s versatile strapless bra as a comfortable and fashionable lingerie choice. 
  • Utilize Doukissa Nomikou’s influence to engage a wider audience. 
  • Generate buzz and engagement on social media platforms and captivate in-store customers. 

Campaign Strategy

Triumph employed a blend of striking visual content and influencer marketing to redefine lingerie as both comfortable and stylish. 


Fashion Photo Shoot: Doukissa Nomikou headlined a glamorous photo shoot showcasing the strapless bra’s adaptability. The images emphasized its fashion-forward design and comfort. These visuals became the campaign’s centerpiece. 

In-Store Impact: The captivating campaign images were prominently displayed in Triumph’s store windows, drawing the attention of passersby. The high-impact visuals piqued curiosity and encouraged in-store visits. 

Social Media Collaboration: Doukissa Nomikou actively collaborated with Triumph, sharing not only the campaign images but also behind-the-scenes content, teasers, and other engaging materials on her social media platforms. This multifaceted approach expanded the campaign’s reach and authenticity. 

Key Messages and Results

  • Triumph’s strapless bra was positioned as a fashionable, versatile, and comfortable lingerie choice. 
  • Doukissa Nomikou’s endorsement added authenticity and appeal to the campaign. 
  • The high-impact visuals in store windows and Doukissa’s diverse social media content generated substantial engagement. 


  • Doukissa Nomikou’s partnership increased interest in Triumph products among her followers. 
  • The campaign successfully challenged traditional lingerie perceptions by emphasizing comfort and style. 
  • The striking in-store visuals had significant “stopping power.” 


The Triumph Lingerie Photo Shoot campaign, featuring Doukissa Nomikou, effectively introduced a groundbreaking strapless bra to the Greek market. Through visually captivating content and influencer collaboration, Triumph redefined lingerie, highlighting both comfort and style.

The campaign’s impact extended to in-store displays, where striking visuals held customers’ attention. Triumph, along with Doukissa Nomikou, successfully created a memorable and engaging project that resonated with their audience and effectively promoted the versatile strapless bra. 

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