Case Study: Astellas Pharmaceuticals Evrenzo Launch Event

Case Study: Astellas Pharmaceuticals Evrenzo Launch Event


Astellas Pharmaceuticals, a leading innovator in healthcare solutions, embarked on a remarkable journey to introduce Evrenzo, a groundbreaking medicine designed to address the challenges faced by individuals battling anemia. Evrenzo’s mode of action mimics the body’s natural response to lower oxygen levels, offering a true breakthrough in healthcare.

 To unveil this medical marvel to an internal audience, Astellas orchestrated a captivating launch event that combined technology, dance, and storytelling to showcase the drug’s transformative impact.

Campaign Objectives

  1. Introduce and present Evrenzo as a revolutionary solution for individuals struggling with anemia. 
  2. Demonstrate the drug’s innovative mechanism of action, highlighting its natural approach.
  3. Engage and inspire Astellas Pharmaceuticals’ internal audience, conveying the drug’s vital significance. 

Campaign Strategy

Astellas’s strategy centered on creating a multi-sensory experience that would convey the journey of individuals facing anemia and the transformative impact of Evrenzo in an engaging and memorable way. The innovative use of the cube, a first in Greece, served as a powerful metaphor for the innovative approach of Evrenzo. 


Immersive Dance Performance: The centerpiece of the event was an immersive dance performance. Astellas placed a cube with transparent screens on all four sides, with a dancer at the center. The dancer orchestrated a brilliant choreography that depicted the life journey of an individual affected by anemia. The performance showcased the progression from health to disease, the darkness and challenges faced, the diligent researchers seeking a solution, the groundbreaking discovery, and the eventual return to a normal, healthier life. 

Audience Interaction: Attendees had the opportunity to step inside the cube and personally engage with the performance. They could take photographs inside the cube and send messages, which were then projected onto the cube’s screens after the dance performance, creating a powerful sense of involvement and connection. 

Key Messages and Results

  • Evrenzo was presented as a medical breakthrough that replicates the body’s natural response to low oxygen levels, addressing the challenges faced by anemia patients. 
  • The innovative and immersive dance performance effectively conveyed the transformative impact of the drug. 
  • The event created a profound emotional connection with the internal audience, emphasizing the drug’s vital role in improving lives. 


  • The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on the internal audience, and fostering a deeper understanding of the drug’s significance.
  • Attendees actively engaged with the performance and shared their experiences through messages and photographs, amplifying the event’s impact. 
  • Evrenzo’s natural approach to treating anemia was effectively communicated, highlighting its importance in the medical field. 


The Astellas Pharmaceuticals Evrenzo Launch Event effectively unveiled Evrenzo as a groundbreaking solution for anemia sufferers. By combining technology, dance, and storytelling, the event conveyed the journey from illness to recovery, emphasizing the drug’s transformative impact. Attendees were not just spectators; 

they actively engaged with the performance and shared their experiences, creating a sense of involvement and connection. The event left a lasting impression on the internal audience, reinforcing the significance of Evrenzo as an innovative and natural approach to healthcare. Astellas Pharmaceuticals successfully showcased the drug’s vital role in improving the lives of those affected by anemia. 

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