The Request

Triumph wanted to honor and inspire women who trust the brand for decades, especially after a difficult year marked by prolonged lockdowns and widespread blues. It needed a digital campaign to empower all women, to boost their confidence and mood, based on its global motto “Embrace Change”.

The insight

Stressed, disoriented and faced with massive change because of the pandemic, women needed… WOMEN! They needed real women who also faced change and made it through, triumphantly!

The Idea

We selected 6 women from all walks of life; artists, athletes, actresses, singers, vloggers and asked them to simply…TALK! Talk about their lives, their careers, the challenges, the changes they face and the way they manage to deal with them.

The campaign

We produced a mini-series of motivational talks/videos where 6 distinguished women share their stories of the battles they fought and pass their message of positivity. Penelope Anastassopoulou, Sophia Bekatorou, Myrto Kazi, Zeta Douka, Tamta and Maddie Persaki talk about their experiences and explain how they managed to adopt a more optimistic and dynamic outlook and ultimately embrace diversity and change in their lives, their careers, their bodies!


We collected all videos and additional information in a Landing/Hub page and promoted our assets in facebook, Instagram and youtube and of course, via our featured ambassadors.


Besides conceiving the idea and designing the campaign throughout, we produced all videos and assets, from the campaign’s visual identity, to the campaign’s landing page, social media posts, stories, bumper-ads, pre-roll videos, banners, PR activations, native ads & articles, etc. Triumph Talks run for two months during June & July 2021, delivering high awareness and engagement. The campaign also scored 6 Social Media Awards 2021 so far, including a Gold-Platinum, where many more awards are expected to come its way due to its social character and innovative spirit.


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