Kotsovolos Here to Play

Kotsovolos Here to Play

The request

Kotsovolos, a leader in the technology market, wished to increase awareness of its gaming department and eventually become a “top of mind” brand for casual and mainstream gamers. Our client needed a communication that would feature his brand as the ultimate fun gaming destination, a specialized brand that can technologically meet the requirements and needs of all gamers.

The insight

Gamers, even though quite different from one another, have something in common; they want to have fun while playing. In addition, when they don’t play, they consume fun gaming content online. It appeared that fun had to be the quintessential ingredient of any proposal we were to make.
Another thing we noticed is that even though everyone talks about gaming, no one talks about the real life of gamers; the nagging they get because they play instead of read, the quarrels they get into with their friends or even the effort it really takes to become good in gaming. What if we could combine our two findings in one idea and come up with a meaningful and powerful campaign that would speak straight to the heart of gamers?


The idea

We thought of really diving into gamers’ everyday life and use their lifestyle as an inspiration to create a series of fun and engaging videos. Our videos would play out of a platform, the “K-mers: HERE TO PLAY” platform. A special hub for gamers, where they could be entertained by our content and at the same time find out all the gaming news, participate in contests and earn exclusive offers by Kotsovolos.

The campaign

For our K-Mers video campaign, we reached out to stand-up comedians and YouTubers. Ilias Foudoulis, Xrysa Katsarini, Alexandros Maliatsis and Paris Roupos were selected for their big fan base in young audiences, but also for their true connection to the gaming scene. Along the lines of stand-up comedy, our influencers starred in our videos, featuring different themes in the life and habits of gamers. From game reviews tο parody gamer types and from outrageous gamers’ debates to delirious gaming food recipes, our lively and fun videos speak right to the heart of gamers and create a fun and entertaining channel for all of those who are Here to Play!

The campaign was launched with a CTA post production video introducing the Here to Play platform. The campaign videos are featured in Kotsovolos’ YouTube channel and are being embraced by our audience, getting massive numbers of views!

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