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The request Palamidis family has been producing high-quality cookware that have been on the market for years. Although their sales rate was high, awareness of the PaL brand was very low. The insight Since PaL Cookware are available in almost all major Greek supermarkets, it is highly likely that many people own a PaL but […]

The request: Triumph needed and idea that would further build on the female empowerment motto Together We Triumph! The idea: Nothing unites people more than music and nothing makes a statement better than a song! So we asked Eleni Foureira a pop singer, famous in Greece and abroad, to write the TRIUMPH song as a […]

The mood, the colors, the trends celebrated in NEF-NEF Homeware’s Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection, inspired us to create the new NEF-NEF TV campaign. Loyal to the iconic style we have established for the NEF-NEF brand, the films capture the unbearable lightness and beauty of being carefree and happy at home. A full version video and several […]

The new website we designed for our client BCA College has launched! Navigate through the new layout, explore the brand new content, watch the videos and enjoy the beautiful UI/UX design… because at BCA College it’s the experience that matters! Check it out here

Fresh from the press! We are so excited to launch yet another campaign for National Bank of Greece! The full-scale campaign promotes NBG’s reward program, go4more, which is now out with amazing back to school rewards. TV, radio, print and digital media are spreading the word.

COVID 19 brought about so many changes in our lives. From the way we work to the way we study. Suddenly, studying abroad, which is high in the student choice list, was difficult, uncertain and problematic. Remote Studying was an option for new students, but not an ideal one. Our Campaign stressed the fact that […]

When you create something successful once, the feeling is sweet…! When it becomes an established educational opportunity and is repeated the next year, the feeling is over the top! The 4th #LEMONDEbootcamp was completed on 16/07 and we are feeling so incredibly proud to have created, branded and communicated the ultimate studies experience for one of the best educational [&he

In order to #stayhome we need more energy! That is why we have launched a new digital campaign with Elpedison, that asks consumers to share their own ideas about making their days at home, happier days! You will find it at Elpedison’s Facebook and Instagram page and if you share your ideas, you might win! Enjoy the full project […]

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