The request

Our client ELPEDISON wished to communicate its renewable energy programs. These programs were very complicated and some were even too high-tech and needed to be deciphered and explained to our target-audience in a fun and engaging way. 

The insight

With bizarre names and highly complicated mechanisms, ELPEDISON’s renewable energy programs needed a lot of explanation in a way that information was made easy, simple and to the point, in a 1-2-3 kind of way. A quite familiar model passing information like this, is… recipes! Recipes are structured in such way that anyone can follow and understand the instructions. 

The idea

When you think of recipes, you instantly think of chefs, especially after the great success of cooking shows and chef competitions in Greek TV. Who would be the ideal chef to introduce our programs to the public in a fun and interesting way and make everything seem simple and easy? Beloved chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos was the face we were looking for. Fresh, popular and with a unique sense of humor, he was the ideal person to take some really hard to understand energy programs and make them look easy and simple, like a recipe. 

The campaign

First things first and the first thing we did before focusing on our campaign, was renaming the programs. We created new names to replace the old unappealing ones and designed new logos. With new snappy and friendly names and a total rebranding in the making, we then picked our medium; digital, because we needed to take all the time to explain the services in length. Then, we moved on into the core of our campaign: our videos, starring Leonidas Koutsopoulos. In our videos, our presenter explains how each energy program works in his own unique, recipe-like way. All talking is made while he is preparing a fancy meal that looks complicated at first, but is actually very easy to make, just like ELPEDISON’s programs. Besides the prominent protagonist, the videos also feature a strong and unique visual identity with a fresh and artsy collage technique dominating and setting the tone. 

The campaign is now in full swing in youtube and ELPEDISON’s social media channels. 

Check out the videos out so far and watch chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos cook with better, friendlier and greener energy.  

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