Here to Play – K-mers Cup

Here to Play – K-mers Cup


Kotsovolos has a long history in selling electronic appliances in Greece, but Kotsovolos also wants to be top of mind for casual and mainstream gamers 

when it comes to gaming pc’s, accessories, gaming consoles and video games.   


Everybody talks about “gaming” but nobody actually talks about the life of gamers, their routine, the hard work they put in to get better at their game, the constant whine they hear while playing video games instead of doing their homework. Kotsovolos knows their needs and their lifestyle and wants to highlight them with the platform and the campaign we created: “K-mers: HERE TO PLAY”.   


But after two very successful seasons of “K-mers: HERE TO PLAY” it’s time for our consumers to be the protagonists. We wanted to put the gamers on the spotlight and give them a chance to have fun and win gaming prizes.


We designed the first gaming Show on Youtube, the “K-mers Cup”, starring real gamers and presented by Ilias Fountoulis and Chrysa Katsarini.  

After a CTA video that invited every gamer to participate in our show, 8 teams of 2 were ready to play, have fun and win prices. After 3 rounds of the Κ-mers Cup and 7 videos in total, we awarded amazing prizes and shared many laughs, leaving us feeling more than ready to start organizing the 2nd K-mers Cup.

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