WWF – Saved the planet with the power of food!

WWF – Saved the planet with the power of food!


WWF had launched a global campaign to inform young people about the way their eating habits can affect the planet. But the target group of 15-25 in Greece didn’t respond well to the adaptation.  

So they asked us to redesign the communication materials and find a way to make the campaign more relevant and therefore more effective.  


Greek youngsters are heavy meat eaters. Some might be vegetarians or vegans but they are not the ones that have to change eating habits. 

The majority of young people would rather order a burger or a souvlaki any day of the week than follow an inspiring mission to eat for change. 


How do we make classic Mediterranean recipes, the “cool” choice?  How do we make granma’s food, a superpower? Well, we change the tonality into an ironing and funny campaign presenting cool youngsters that 


just saved the planet with power of…. yalantzi, fava and other traditional tavern foods! 

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