The request

BCA is a college offering high quality studies in business, shipping and tourism. As the new academic year was approaching, our client asked us to design a campaign to boost awareness and attract new students amidst the unpredictable situation imposed by the Covid pandemic.

The challenge

At the time, 2020-2021 academic year appeared like a mystery waiting to be solved. Nothing was certain, everything was in flux and young people had to adjust, if not cancel their plans for studies. As more and more people were reluctant to pursue their studies abroad, an opportunity appeared for BCA to fill in the gap and appear as a true alternative. This was the time for BCA to reach a group of people that would have normally be out of reach and come into their awareness. In addition, there were people who did not succeed in entering the Greek Universities and others who due to the lockdown situation didn’t even try… All these people had to change their point of view and see BCA College as a top-of-the-list alternative.

The insight

The world in flux. Today more than ever, everything flows. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. In the new Covid era, no firm decisions stand, one has to be willing to rethink and restart his or her plans for the future.

The campaign

Taking on a famous ancient Greek saying “ta panta rei”, we made a pun calling young people to rethink their plans, restart at BCA and reinvent their future! Highly artistic and ultra modern graphics were designed to create the background of our campaign, employing a strong and distinctive color-coding (yellow). A full-scale digital campaign ran in social media and Google, featuring our core video and posts, cut-version videos and banners. In addition, a TVC promoted our campaign on TV at the end of August, a time at which most young people make up their minds regarding their studies. An infographics video further supported the campaign, focusing on the special safety measures implemented in the College to guarantee the safety of all students.

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