Case Study: Kri Kri Heartmade Ice Cream

Case Study: Kri Kri Heartmade Ice Cream


Kri Kri, a renowned dairy company in Greece, boasts a wide range of ice cream products sold in various market segments, including supermarkets, kiosks, HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes), and ice cream parlors. Seeking to revamp their scooped ice cream branding and launch a compelling communication campaign, Kri Kri aimed to highlight its Greek heritage, differentiate from its other product lines, and emphasize the unique HEARTmade quality.

The campaign, spanning television and social media, featured a short film to maximize reach and engagement. The slogan, “In Greece, we make summer with our hearts,” encapsulated the essence of Kri Kri Heartmade. 

Campaign Objectives

  1. Revamp the branding and positioning of Kri Kri’s scooped ice cream range. 
  2. Promote the Greek identity and heritage of Kri Kri. 
  3. Differentiate Kri Kri Heartmade from other ice cream offerings, particularly those in the cold market segment. 
  4. Launch a compelling and engaging communication campaign across TV and social media platforms. 
  5. Maximize audience reach and engagement with a short film format. 

Campaign Strategy

Kri Kri’s strategy was centered on a holistic rebranding effort that leveraged its Greek heritage and HEARTmade quality. 

The campaign aimed to tell a compelling story through a short film format, resonating with the audience and emphasizing the brand’s unique identity. 


Rebranding: Kri Kri undertook a comprehensive rebranding of its scooped ice cream range, giving it a distinct visual identity that highlighted Greek elements while aligning with the HEARTmade concept. 

Short Film: A captivating short film was produced, capturing the happiness and excitement of customers, primarily kids, as they selected their scooped ice cream flavors. The film was set to lustful music and featured stunning shots of the delicious ice cream. 

Television and Social Media: The joyous film served as the centerpiece of the TV campaign, capturing the essence of Kri Kri Heartmade and its short duration maximized GRPs. Additionally, Kri Kri leveraged social media platforms to extend the campaign’s reach.  

Key Messages and Results

  • Kri Kri’s scooped ice cream range achieved a distinct and memorable brand identity. 
  • The short film format contributed to high GRPs and strong audience engagement. 
  • The campaign reinforced Kri Kri’s Greek heritage and highlighted its commitment to crafting ice cream with heart. 


The Kri Kri Heartmade Ice Cream campaign successfully repositioned and revitalized the scooped ice cream range, emphasizing its Greek heritage and HEARTmade quality. Through a captivating short film, the brand connected with audiences on an emotional level, reinforcing the message that Kri Kri’s ice cream is not just made but crafted with heart. 

The campaign effectively differentiated Kri Kri Heartmade from other ice cream offerings in the market, resonating with consumers and reinforcing its unique identity. The slogan, “In Greece, we make summer with our hearts,” served as a powerful reminder of the brand’s Greek roots and commitment to quality. Kri Kri’s efforts resulted in a compelling and memorable campaign that positioned Kri Kri Heartmade as a symbol of Greek ice cream craftsmanship.

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