LE MONDE – Your world is waiting

LE MONDE – Your world is waiting

The request

LE MONDE is a high quality international school for Touristic studies. LE MONDE’s graduates are successful chefs, pastry chefs and hotel managers. But new schools keep sprouting every year, featuring celebrity chefs as their ambassadors or teachers. LE MONDE needed a full scale digital and TV campaign to tackle competition and boost awareress.

The insight

People who dream of becoming chefs are somewhat misunderstood… They have the mentality of an artist, tend to live in their own world and see things from a different perspective. They clearly, stand out, right from the cradle.

The campaign

A tribute to the “born to be chefs”, the dreamers who have been waiting all their lives to enter the world of gastronomy. A peeping into their childhood, into the defining moments in their lives that clearly prove their passion for cooking and gastronomy. This is the spot we created, a spot capturing the true“psyche” of those natural born chefs. The spot launched in TV and youtube. In addition, the campaign also ran in social media with a rich video content, showcasing the school facilities, the experiences of current students, testimonials from teachers and graduates.

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